The Plugfest takes place August 27-29, 2017 and provides an opportunity to test and demonstrate device and system interoperability and resolve compatibility issues. Implementers are invited and encouraged to cooperate with others to demonstrate system-wide clock synchronization and operation of protocols across as wide a spectrum of devices as possible.


Prospective Plugfest participants must fill out the Plugfest Registration Form and send the completed form (via the button below) about their intention to participate. When the Plugfest Registration Form is submitted, a Plugfest Wiki account will be provided for access to the Plugfest Wiki: where you will find further information about Plugfest.

Registration Deadline: July 15, 2017

Please note that each Plugfest participant must register for the main conference.

Contact Plugfest Committee


Plugfest participants will want to attend one of the two planning teleconferences prior to the event, where they can ask questions and make suggestions. Registered participants will be notified of the teleconferences by the Plugfest committee.

Further details about Plugfest preparation are also available on Plugfest Wiki, the login account is free to obtain when you submit the Plugfest Registration Form.


Please send comments and questions concerning the Plugfest here.

Plugfest Co-Chairs

Douglas Arnold, Meinberg
Email: [email protected]

Ken Harris, Rockwell Automation
Email: [email protected]

Plugfest Testing

  • Default
  • C37.238
  • G.8275.1
  • G.8275.2
  • IEC 61850-9-3
  • IEEE 802.1AS
  • ST 2059
  • IETF Enterprise Profile
New Features from draft IEEE 1588 revision
  • High accuracy
  • Security
  • Profile isolation
  • Common mean link delay service
  • Special ports
  • Slave monitoring
Test scenarios:
  • Rogue masters
  • Leap seconds
  • Intermittant GNSS
  • Wrong profile traffic
  • network loading
  • GM failover
  • Profile specific tests